Monday, 31 May 2010

Ruin Photographs

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Old Essex County Jail, Newak

Ballroom, Leipzig

Extraction engine, Wallers-Arenberg

SAFEA, La louvrière
Beautiful photographs of unexpected and negleted architectures on Reliques Website of the Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Book: Natural Architecture

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'clemson clay nest' by nils-udo, 2005

'La tonnelle’ by gilles bruni and marc babarit, 1996

'weidendom' by sanfte strukturen, 2001

'organism' by armin schubert, 2005

'fog pad' by n architects, 2004

cover of ‘natural architecture’ by alessandro rocca, published by princeton architectural
press, 2007 - all the images featured in this article are taken it.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Between by Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates

© Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates

Architecture + Photographs: Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates

This is a two-family home with a ‘garden’. The Garden is on the second floor, that is, we sandwiched the garden in between the two-family residence space. The site area is too small to put a garden on the ground beside the building. So we located a garden between the podium made of RC and the wooden section floating over it. The ground floor is for the parents, and the wooden third floor is for their children and grandchildren. There is a dining kitchen on the same level as the garden, however it is like a part of the garden. So the floor is like a ‘doma ‘( a Japanese traditional earthen floor).
© Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates
second floor plan
With the sifting of the each plans between the podium and the floating section, a big asymmetry balcony called a ‘garden’ appears around the 2nd floor. The half openness garden, surrounded by a plastic net like a pitching screen, is usually for baseball practice by grandchildren, sometimes for a lunch space as if we are under a big tree. And then flower pots are put on the peripheral area to catch the rain.
© Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates
We intended that people would feel virtual volume of the garden, although in fact it is a void, with white wall, floor and ceiling. The garden is a spacious yard, which commands an extensive perspective of Osaka bay area.

So Da Hun by IROJE KHM Architects

Architect: IROJE KHM Architects / HyoMan Kim
Location: 229-2 Bigeun-dong, Pyeongtak, Gyeounggi-do, Korea
Design team: Hyun Jung Ju
Photographs: Jong Oh Kim

This site that is located in the heart of downtown is a small, irregular, polygonal shaped land and it is ragged old space, only area of 100 sqm.
At the same time, the maximum building area is no more than 60 sqm.
first floor plan
The development of vertical space – Skipped floor space – Rich sequence of vertical space
While adapting the skipfloor system, it was possible to maximize the visual range and to produce the interesting space of variety, as possible as this small site can do.
© Jong Oh Kim
The spread of horizontal space – Narrow bamboo garden – Fence space
Because of the boundary of small courtyard and living room and the window between the concrete fence and interior space are transparent, the extended outdoor garden space and interior space maximize the horizontal visual range.
© Jong Oh Kim
Stainless mesh – Filtration of landscape and sunlight, translucent mass
The translucent images which are consisted with stainless mesh that filtrate the sight from opposite church and side stores and direct sunlight, are the major impression of this house.
elevation 04
Vertical garden
Small courtyard was covered with wood panel, for the maximum efficiency of use of the place.
This spacs of inner courtyard where is surrounded with stainless mesh and exposed concrete walls of this house, is semi interior space.
From ground courtyard level to roof garden level, several trees and flowers were planted vertically, on the canopy of main gate and on the balcony of upper floor and on the roof garden floor.
© Jong Oh Kim
Small but rich – Small area but rich space
The name of this house “So Da Hun” means “small house but the house of rich space”.
This project was a research about what is the rich spatial system in the minimum area of site.