Friday, 31 December 2010 by SOFTlab

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SOFTlab's installation at bridgegallery.

The gallery is located next door to the
Tenement Museum on Orchard Street. The colorful vortex is a jarring juxtaposition with the old-law tenements and other old buildings on the street.

Like one of Anish Kapoor's inaccessible voids, the red-to-green funnel draws one's gaze into the gallery space. Access inside is via a plain-Jane door next to the storefront window, not through the tunnel of color.

Inside the installation is the inverse of the space it creates. The small pieces of colored paper are clipped together with good old generic binder clips. Names of donors are printed on some of the pieces.

The individual pieces of paper are assembled like a cut-out model: Cut here, fold here, clip here, repeat. The folds are perforated, allowing light from the gallery to enter, highlighting the seams that run vertically and horizontally.

The cavernous, tube-like, amorphous spaces reach from the storefront to the deep reaches of the gallery, branching out towards a side wall and towards the front door. Visitors gaze in to see the views like those collected here, drawing a myriad of associations that may or may not be intentional.

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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quentin Jones

Jess Atkinson

Born and raised in the Toronto annex since 1987. I've collected pebbles, befriended birds, made rubber rabbits, jumped off a balcony, made an ant farm, won at poker, flew a kite... I haven't scuba dived, met a tennis player, published short fiction, shaved my head, crocheted, boarded a yacht, rock climbed or designed a light fixture ... yet.

This is two of her projects: glasses for lonely people and home memories.
Link to the websote here.

St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel by Sanaksenaho Architects

Here are a couple photos of St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel in Turku, Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects, 2005. Photographs are by peter and seija.
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St Henriks Chapel in Turku

St Henriks Chapel in Turku

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Berlin loft by Thomas Wienands / LPDM (DE)

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Kitchen front made from brushed aluminium, photo by Tobias Heuser
Old disused industrial buildings offer exciting opportunities for architects and interior designers. Berlin is rife with these kinds of spaces and, bit by bit, they are being converted into luxurious homes. The interior of this loft, which is located in an old electricity station, was designed by Berlin-based architect Thomas Wienands (LPDM). The spatial division of the wide dwelling area is based on the minimum of intervention, and results from architectural room-dividing furniture – only the lavatory and storage room are separated off, behind newly constructed walls.

Berlin loft, by Thomas Wienands, photo by Tobias Heuser

Berlin Loft by Thomas Wienands, photo by Tobias Heuser

Berlin Loft by Thomas Wienands, photo by Tobias Heuser

Berlin Loft by Thomas Wienands, photo by Tobias Heuser

Berlin Loft by Thomas Wienands, photo by Tobias Heuser
to the Thomas Wienands / LPDM website
to the Tobias Heuser website
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

“penetration:between surface and narrative” by avramidis

“penetration:between surface and narrative” by avramidis

Shimuraya Bar by Noi Shegemasa

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Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Japanese design studio based in Osaka, Shegemasa Noi has created the interior of the bar Shimuraya Tokyo. A space contained, dressed and intricate pieces of natural wood.
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Shimuraya by Noi Shegemasa
Photographies: Seiryo Yamada Photographs: Seiryo Yamada
Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de For more information, visit the website Noi Shegemasa. Noi Shegemasa.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

In Progress: Daeyang Gallery and House by Steven Holl Architects

We’ve just received some news from our friends at Steven Holl Architects regarding the progress of their latest private gallery and residence. Situated in the hillside of the Kangbuk section of , , the project’s geometry is an experimental reaction to a 1967 sketch for a music score by the composer Istvan Anhalt, “Symphony of Modules,” discovered in a book by John Cage titled “Notations”.   This strategy, which runs parallel to a research studio on “the architectonics of music,” results in three separate pavilions connected by a sheet of water that establishes the plane of reference from above and below.
More construction photos, renderings and of course, Holl’s infamous watercolors after the break.
Arriving through bamboo formed garden wall at the entry court, a visitor continues through the front door and ascends a low stairs. At this point, the viewer is eye level with the central pond, causing the three pavilions to appear as though floating on their own reflections.
Once inside the pavilions, slivers of light burst through 55 skylight strips on the roofs, creating dynamic illumination patterns on the interior. This offers the “idea of space as silent until activated by light.” Light bends around the inner spaces by way of 5 strips of clear glass positioned to make the light turn.
The interiors of the pavilions are red and charcoal stained bamboo with the skylights cutting through a red bamboo ceiling. Exteriors are a rain skin of specially treated brass which ages naturally within the landscape.
A reflection pool, framed by gardens, runs perpendicular to the skylight strips. The strips of glass lenses bring dappled light to the white plaster walls and white granite floor of the gallery below.
The placement of the pavilions activate different levels of the ground plane with light playing the crucial role of both distinguishing different moments and uniting the separate entities and interstitial spaces.
We’ll keep you updated as construction moves along.

Daeyang Gallery and House
2008 – 2011
client: Daeyang Shipping Co. Ltd.
Architect: , Steven Holl (design architect)

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