Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Concept of Falling Water out of Lego

Mecchano Toy Set (or rather, toothpicks and dried peas!)
Remembered these magazine clippings from the 'Rules of the Game' lecture today, these are from an ICON issue based on Toys from a few months ago.

London Walk Photos

Foster + Partners: Spaceport America


Exo Chair by Fetiche Design Studio

"Featuring triangular details on the outer layer that’s opposite to the rugged leather seat, the chair stands firmly using wood dowels. Moreover, the design of the “Exo Chair” is formulated “to support and protect the human form, providing a cradling space for the sitter." - Carolina Armelli and Paulo Biancchi

Aires Mateus: Houses

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more: Aires Mateus

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

SUSPENSE. puppetry theater festival

SUSPENSE 2011: Fri 28 Oct to Sun 6 Nov

London puppetry festival is exploring possibilities of the most ancient art-form through series of adult plays on contemporary issues.

As for architects, it might be interesting to see how plays use light, shadows, crafted objects to tell the story.

Some of the plays:

The invisible cities of margharita monteciano , inspired by Italo Calvino's book ( referenced during "London in two-and-a-half dimension" lecture and also part of the reading list)

Passing on , exploring dilemmas and issues connected with end of life care. A spoken mediation set against a surreal movement backdrop on a person's last hours of life in hospital

to full List of events

Studio AUTORI Terra Panonica cultural-tourist complex

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Studio AUTORI  . photo: Vladimir Sretenović . more: a10

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

HEYHEYHEY : Melvin Machine

In this movie filmed in a warehouse on the outskirts of Eindhoven, the ringing of an alarm clock triggers a chain of events that opens umbrellas, spins paper windmills, starts a fire and releases a set of parachuting toy animals.

Dutch design studio HEYHEYHEY originally constructed the machine, named Melvin, during Dutch Design Week 2010 but reassembled this improved version a year later.

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Rea Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts “RSICA” / s y m b i o s i s design

Rea Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts “RSICA” / s y m b i o s i s design via ARCHDAILY thank you!
Rea Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts “RSICA” / s y m b i o s i s design

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chinese scholar’s rocks

 For centuries, Chinese scholars have contemplated the oddly shaped stones that became known as ‘scholar's rocks.’  Their shapes might evoke ever-changing associations and their surfaces convey a sense of millennia of exposure to nature,  yet it remains unknown to what extent the ‘natural’ shapes of these stones have been manipulated and artificially enhanced by the wood or stone pedestals created for them. 

For Jacques Herzog, scholar's rocks constitute a "conceptual model" for Herzog & de Meuron's architecture.  Their natural/artificial ambiguity, their enigmatic history, and the sheer beauty of these objects are all conditions that orient the architects' design strategy.  Herzog has a particular interest in the pedestals, which "match" the stones like a prosthesis.

The scholars also liked to draw them a lot too..

Ten Views of a Rock by Wu Bin and Mi Wanzhong
(All information and images from Herzog & de Meuron's book 'Natural History')

"Nobody Wants to be a Po-Mo!"

Got introduced to this building by Edouard Francois; it's called Fouquet’s Barrière. It's a renovated hotel with large windows (I initially thought they were televisions!) 'pierced' into it's otherwise traditional order.

Francois denies being a 'Po-Mo' (Post-Modernist) and apparently so does every other Po-Mo - it's not too popular. But I think this is actually really fetchingly avante-garde:

Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex from Core77 on Vimeo.

Jólan van der Wiel: Gravity Stools

The magnets (five plate magnets per leg) are inserted into the liquid plastic then gradually drawn out.
Each chair contains 6kg of iron filings and variety of plastics. "I intend to build a new machine that is able to create tables by making use of the same principles of magnetism familiar from the old machine. But I need much stronger magnets for that. For this project I am now looking for sponsors and new developers." - Jólan van der Wiel