Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guerrilla Merry-Go-Round

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In the urban intervention project 'kolotoč' ('merry-go-round'), prague-based artists vojtěch fröhlich, ondřej mladý,
jan šimánek, and vladimír turner transform a rotating billboard into a 'swing around'-style, carnival-like ride.


Friday, 27 January 2012


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Shadow Art

 A Very Short Story by Fred Eerdekens

Blind Spot by Fred Eerdekens

British Wildlife by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Cat by Larry Kagan

Clouds by Kumi Yamashita

Come Home by Fred Eerdekens

Dirty White Trash by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Exclamation Point by Kumi Yamashita

Motorbike by Shigeo Fukuda

Profile by Kumi Yamashita

Real Life is Rubbish by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Ship by Shigeo Fukuda

Still by Fred Eerdekens

some small houses from 2000 to present in Tokyo photographed by wakiiii

thank you archidose #544

Here is a brief survey of some small houses from 2000 to present in Tokyo, Japan, all photographed by wakiiii
二重螺旋の家 / Double Helix House
[Double Helix House by Onishimaki + Hyakudayuki, 2011]

[Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto, 2010]

コッパーハウス /  Kopper House
[Kopper House by Terunobu Fujimori, 2009]

[House H by Sou Fujimoto, 2009]

スウェー・ハウス / Sway House
[Sway House by Atelier Bow-Wow, 2008]

[Tread Machiya by Atelier Bow-Wow, 2008]

House A
[House A by Ryue Nishizawa, 2007]

[Reflection of Mineral by Atelier Tekuto, 2007]

[KHB by Niizeki Studio, 2007]

小鉄  / kotetsu
[Kotetsu by Michimasa Kawaguchi, 2007]

[Steel House by Kengo Kuma, 2007]

不盡の舎 /  Hujin-no-ya
[Hujin-no-ya by Chitoshi Kihara, 2006]

[Wep Shimokitazawa by Niizeki Studio, 2006]

[House SH by Hiroshi Nakamura, 2005]

森山邸 / Moriyama house
[Moriyama House by Ryue Nishizawa, 2005]

[G by Jun Aoki, 2004]

ガエハウス / GAE house
[GAE House by Atelier Bow-Wow, 2002]

Plastic House
[Plastic House by Kengo Kuma, 2002]

[Natural Ellipse by Masaki Endoh, Masahiro Ikeda, 2002]

小さな家 /  Small House
[Small House by Kazuyo Sejima, 2000]